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Transform strategic thinking for your accounts.

Account teams need to transform the way they understand their customers. Creating good account plans is a systematic way to get to understand your key account in a more strategic way.

With Eirpro we have the skills and expertise to help build successful account plans.

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Even the best Account Directors need account plans.

Key account planning
Using all the team is essential in account planning

Many years ago I had the opportunity to conduct an account management planning exercise in New York.  In the main most of the account teams eagerly engaged in the session, apart from one stubborn account director, who resisted my training charms.

“This is useless”, she said.  “I know my customer, their organisation and plans and I know in detail  everything I sell to them, why would I use this planning thing”.   After some lunch and a lengthy coffee, I tried again, this time asking her to phone her customer just to ask one question.   I said,  “ask your customer, would he like to have an account plan”.

Surprisingly she rang her customer, probably in the hope that it would get this idiot off her back.   What a surprise when she fell silent and put the phone down gently.  She had just learnt that our competitors had been in and conducted a 2 day account planning workshop.

So what’s in a typical account plan?

Typically you need to start with the question, ‘who IS your account’?  Is the whole organisation or just one or two departments?  What’s your ambition in the account?

What data you can capture about the account?  Can you read a balance sheet – how healthy is the account?   What does the Chairman’s statement say?   Is there an annual report?

All of these factors about the company need to be brought together for an account plan to work.

However you need to ask the questions about the current account team, what you are selling?  Also what about the other resources of your company?  All of this information needs to be brought together to create an account plan.

Eirpro can help you build your account plan.

With many years of experience of building account plans in multi-national accounts, we have developed a strong methodology to assist teams build their own plans.

2 day account planning exercise includes: 

  • Setting scene
  • Visioning 
  • Company area identifications / SWOT exerices
  • Account team SWOT
  • Building the ‘Bridge’
  • Action planning goals / objectives

What does an account plan bring to the table?

  • New revenues and sales opportunities
  • A mid and long term plan for the account
  • Structure and knowledge
  • Company wide information on the customer
  • Wider organisation team involvement
  • A mechanism to involve the customer directly

We can transform your plans

Eirpro has helped tens of accounts teams across the globe build and maintain their account plans.  We have assisted sales build account plans for national and multi-national organisations.  We have also helped broker involvement with the customer’s senior managers for the sales teams.

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