Supporting Business Transformation

Change needs the right ingredients

Driving any change is a mixture of culture, people, technology, and processes.  And the benefits probably takes longer than envisaged in the business plan.

We have supported many companies change their organisations. From driving project management disciples to help focus minds on the right delivery to building complex change management models that need leadership changes.

Strategic planning – have you got a delivery that matches?

cropped-planning.jpgWhen we talk about strategic planning, we are not entering the world of the strategic company plan, but how you deliver it.  Most companies are fairly good at developing a clear strategy but not good at delivering it.  Why?   Too many ideas, too few real benefits, too many bottlenecks.

Maybe it’s just a question of aligning the various interests in the company into one way of thinking.  Over the years we’ve found that getting leadership to believe that their own functional ideas and concepts are not necessarily the best for the company is a real challenge.  Of course everyone wants their ideas to be developed.  They are the best of course!