Business Change – What we do

Designing for change

We deliver Businesses Change

Helping businesses with business change and transformation is what we do.  We transform their organisations through IT, Process or People changes.
We assist managers and teams with the various stages of business change. Driving through strategy development, building structured communications, training, developing change agent forums and providing proactive stakeholder management.

Why we are different?

We are multi-skilled and have real-life business change experience!

Unlike most large consultancies where you have to pay for individuals for each component of change.  We possess skills and expertise from many years of transforming organisations.  Yes, you might say we’ve been around the block a few times!

We deliver Business Change that’s adopted and embedded in your organisation.

Our Business Change Services 

  • Designing for Business change
    • Building the roadmap strategy for change. Ensuring the fundamental impacts are assessed and understood.
    • Is it an IT led change or it all about the people?
  • Change Planning and execution
    • Change needs a plan.  At the very least it needs several work streams that need to dovetail into an over arching Change Plan.  They could include, communication plans, training plans, Change assessments and Stakeholder plans.
  • Awareness and impact assessments
    • What are the potential impacts; processes, people or technology? What is the level of impact?
  • Training analysis
    • How to I train my managers, users or even senior managers.  What is the training culture?  Is it on-line training, face-to-face or indirect training?
  • Business readiness assessments
    • How ready is your business to change?  After all the effort does culture trump strategy?  Where are the roadblocks?
  • Stakeholder management
    • Who are the Champions of the Change – who are detractors?
    • What is the plan to get them on-side?
    • Have you change managers in the business – how do you manage them?
  • Adoption KPI’s and measurement
    • What was the original baseline – how is the change progressing?
    • Is there a second phase of change needed?
To discuss your change needs please contact us at any time on the following:
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