Leo Dowling – Business Change Consultancy

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Prior to creating Eirpro Consulting, Leo worked within the Aviation and IT sector.  Within these industries he held a number of senior leadership roles.

Career highlights

Gaining extensive airline operational and management experience in Aer Lingus and TNT Aviation, he became aware of the need to transform airline technologies.

This led to change of direction from the Aviation coalface to IT marketing.

In SITA, (Air Transport IT) he was responsible for creating a global team of product and delivery managers.  He established and grew the team who built a range of award winning  IT managed services for the Airline industry.

Not wishing to  stand still.  Leo turned his attention to creating a new global Professional Services organization in support the main product organization.

To help sustain the growth of the new PS organisation , Leo also led and built several strategic partnerships to support the business growth.


He has built his own business consulting and contracting with several accounts including, Vodafone, Three Mobile, Microsoft Partners and Airline IT suppliers and Retail companies.

He now specialises in Transformation and helping managers succeed with any change activity.


Business Change, IT Change, Marketing Planning and Strategy development, Outsourcing, Sales, Product Management & Marketing

Contact Leo:   leo.dowling@eirpro.co.uk

Linkedin references
Amanda Evans
Head of Delivery – Vodafone Group Enterprise

‘He has great stakeholder management skills. Leo is a strong communicator and facilitator with a unique ability for interpreting data points and facts… Leo also has the unique talent for collaboration, patience and tenacity which prevents kneejerk reactions and drives the right conclusions. 

Justin Bull
Head of Programme Assurance 3 UK
Leo is one of those grounded leaders who can tap into his wealth of experience and provide solid direction, guidance and support when implementing business change & transformation. Leo influences with great effect across the organisation to engage people in the adoption of new technology, processes and ways of working.

John Horan -Head of Enterprise Architecture Delivery at Wipro
Leo was the driving light that turned around SITA’s Product Marketing organisation from being totally irrelevant to customers, to one that lead innovation, creativity and customer focus. He was never short of good leadership suggestions, insight or insightful motivation. Leo is a dynamic leader with good market insight. I learnt much from his leadership and really enjoyed being part of his highly creative and customer focused team